Bridal Couture

Congratulations, you're getting married!

Planning a wedding is a daunting process. It can be difficult to know where to start. 

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and planning for it should be full of pleasure and excitement, not stress and frustration.


That's why Adriana doesn't just pride herself on the beauty and uniqueness of her designs - but, with the help of husband Nic - on providing a service which makes the whole process easy, fun, exciting and stress-free. You shouldn't just feel like the center of the world on your wedding day, but every time you sit down during the planning, too. 

A bespoke dress for your wedding day is a magical experience, designed uniquely for you by an award winning bridal designer, and completely made to measure for the perfect fit. 

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It all begins here. Whether you are seeking a completely bespoke creation, looking to adapt a vintage dress, or just need to make some changes to a dress you've already - an initial consultation will be what starts the whole process. 


Some clients come in with an exact vision of their dream dress - often something they've dreamed of since they were little. Maybe they have pictures and samples. Maybe they have a vintage dress that they'd like to adapt. Or perhaps they just have a vision and a description. Regardless of what the client brings to the initial consultation, Adriana is always in tune with the Bride, ready to bring their dream to fruition - first on paper, and then in reality. 

But some brides-to-be arrive completely lost and confused. What will suit them? What can they afford? Adriana is here to soothe stresses and guide clients through the myriad of questions they face. Together, you can explore the styles that will suit you, the materials that will work, and the budget you can achieve this within. 

By the end of your consultation, together with Adriana your brainstorm will have produced all that is needed for Adriana to craft a concept for your perfect dress. One that maximises your own natural beauty, and takes your groom's breath away. 

You can expect to see a first sketch of your design roughly a week after your first consultation. If you're happy, then it's time to schedule...

Aside from knowing you are the only bride in the world to be wearing your design, the true beauty of a bespoke dress is the fact that it is designed to fit every curve of your body perfectly. Nothing will ever fit you as well as a wedding dress from AC fashion.


But to achieve that - it's time to measure. Top to toe, hips, waist and bust - even the size of your little toe (OK, maybe not that). A dress that clings to every curve, but leaves you comfortable enough to glide through your reception and dance the night away. 

Are you ready to have your breath taken away? As you slide that dress over your head, you'll have the first feeling of how real it all is. This fitting is used to check that everything is on track and inline with your vision - and to start making the final tweaks that will elevate the dress from beautiful to perfect. 

Untitled design (82).png

This is it.

This will be what you look like when you commit your heart to the person you love. Expect smiles and tears in equal measure.

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All consultations and two meetings with Adriana are included in the final cost of your dress (with additional fittings available at extra cost).


There's no obligation to undertake a full dress service. If you would just like someone friendly, professional and experienced to discuss your needs with - even off-the-rack options, Adriana is able to offer consultations upon request. 




All payments for consultation and deposits for orders are redeemable but not refundable.